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Functional Indoor

Keep the diet for your house cat in check with Functional Indoor Cat. Sourced from Canadian farms, you’ll be giving your feline a diet that’s high in quality and filled with fresh deboned chicken meat. With added cranberry extract and botanicals, support their urinary and gut health while feeding them a tasty meal.


Formulated specifically for cats that stay within the surroundings of the house, you’ll be reducing the risk of certain health issues they’re prone to. Supporting their urinary health by preventing crystals, hairball support to reduce the size of hairballs, organic minerals for a healthier coat with less shedding and dander. Our fat and protein levels are set for indoor cats to support their energy requirements

      Everyday diet for housebound cats, keeping them at a healthy weight.

      Miscanthus Fiber to help hairballs and dental health.

      Cranberry Extract to strengthen the health of the urinary tract.

      Specific fat and protein levels are formulated for sterilized and less active indoor cats.

      Formulated around low GI foods, allowing for slow digestion compared to ingredients like potato, white rice, corn or soy.

      Grain free, gluten free, free from preservatives and artificial flavors, lowering allergy risk.

      Botanicals and antioxidants to support gut health.

Bag of 5 lb. (2.27 kg) and 12 lb (5.44kg)


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