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Traditional Blend Pork

Differentiate your dog's diet from time to time with our Traditional Blend Pork. With pork sourced from Canadian farms and being a single meat protein, they're guaranteed a mouthwatering meal. Along with treating their taste buds, you'll also be sharpening their cognition and cell function with the selenium, zinc,  amino acid profiles, thiamine B12 and B6 properties our pork provides.

Keep them fuller for longer with slow-digesting grains like oats and barley. Support their digestion with highly digestible brown rice, packed with minerals, vitamins and high-quality complex carbohydrates. As well as contributing to better heart health, with ample taurine and DL-methionine content.


      13.6kg/30lbs and 16.8kg/37lb big bags saving on your trips to the store.

      Everyday diet suitable for any breed and helping with weight management.

      High meat, low carb content keeping your pet trim and fit. 

      Grain inclusive food free from artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, reducing the likelihood of allergy flare ups

      Low glycemic index foods to satisfy their appetite long after meal times.

      Bio available advanced minerals to add to their coat colour and help with immunity support.



Recommended Feeding Chart (per day)

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