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Original Salmon

Maximize your canine's coat and skin health with our Original fresh deboned Salmon, specifically selected from Canadian farms and fisheries. You'll be feeding your pet high-quality, easy-to-digest meat packed with Omega-3. While some of our fish is wild caught, the majority of our salmon is farmed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We proudly support Canadian agriculture.

Original Salmon has fatty acids from fish (including DHA and EPA) promoting healthy skin and a soft, silky coat. With high levels of essential amino acids Lysine, Arginine, and Leucine, support your dog’s muscle mass and keep organs and metabolism working at their peak. Our ingredients are grain-free, low carb, contain no artificial colors or flavors, have a low glycemic rating, and are formulated to keep your pet happy, healthy, and moving freely.

      Fresh deboned salmon as the first ingredient, reducing the chance of an allergy and promoting a healthy coat and skin.

      High meat, low carb content satisfies your pet's appetite, keeping them energized and fueled to thrive.

      Single meat protein, added to allergy troubleshoot.

      Low GI foods lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

      Grain free and gluten free, allowing food to be digested easily.

      Botanicals for gut health and antioxidants lower the risk of chronic disease.

      Canadian salmon, an all natural protein, fresh deboned meat.

Bags of 25 lb (11,3 kg) and 8,8 lb (4 kg).


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