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Vital Red Meat

Vital Red Meat uses Canadian pork straight from local farms and lamb from Australia. Being high in meat, preservative-free and free from artificial flavors, our low GI ingredients allow for slow digestion following each meal time.

This powerful duo of pork and lamb contains many high-quality vitamins and nutrients from iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, taurine and DL-methionine, optimizing many bodily processes. Let your pet latch onto these nutrients easily with the steady dose of prebiotics built into the ingredients of this meal.

●    Canadian pork and Australian lamb, providing them with premium grade meat.
●    Rich in iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, to protect immune function and muscle maintenance.
●    Free from artificial colours, artificial preservatives or artificial flavours, and low GI foods, letting them feel fuller for longer.
●   Grain Free and gluten free with no artificial colours, preservatives, or flavors.
●    Everyday diet to keep them at a healthy weight.

Bags 25 lb. 11.33 kg and 5 lb. 2.26 kg


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