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Functional Small / Medium Breed Puppy

Support steady growth and development for your delightful pup with our Functional Small & Medium Breed Puppy food. Lubricate their joints and contribute to sustainable bone growth with the natural amino acid glucosamine from our fresh deboned chicken. Sourced straight from Canadian farms, you’ll also be helping support local farmers.

Sharpen their cognitive capacity with added Omega-3 fatty acids containing extra EPA and DHA. Help them grow steadily with a protein and fat ratio formulated specifically for small and medium breed puppies. keeping their body, immune system and muscle development strong. Our calcium to phosphorus ratio is optimized for small and medium breed puppies. An added benefit of our advanced mineral program is that our bio-available minerals result in more effective vaccination administration and nutrient absorption.

      Added Omega-3 fatty acids with extra EPA and DHA for enhanced brain development.

      Balanced calcium and phosphorus ratio for steady skeletal growth.

      Protein and fat percentage formulated for sustainable immune and muscle development in young canines.

      Advanced minerals allowing for effective vaccine administration

      Grain free and gluten free, lowering the risk of allergies.

      Low glycemic index foods, reducing their risk of overeating by keeping puppies feeling fuller for longer.




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